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Nuisance Wildlife


Living in the Ozarks, nature and wildlife are never far away.  At times, wildlife can venture too close inhabiting our homes.  This can be a dangerous scenario for several reasons.  Many of these pests are capable of carrying rabies and other diseases. They cause damage to your home as they enter and nest.  Rodents like the tree squirrel must continuously gnaw in order to keep their teeth filed down and would not hesitate to chew on electrical wires creating a potential fire hazard. They can carry fleas, mites, or bat bugs which can easy shift hosts from the animal to you or your pets.  The longer an animal is able to inhabit your house the more potential it has to reproduce, multiplying the number of pests that now call your home “home”.


Helpful tips:

       • Ensure roof and soffit joints as well as plumbing and crawl space doors are well-sealed.

       • Avoid leaving pet food outside.

       • Secure trash and trashcans.

       • Keep bird feeders out of reach of animals.

       • Cut trees and vegetation away from the house.

       • Keep brush piles and stacks of firewood away from the house.



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